Steve Moore

Austin Management Group

16800 Imperial Valley Dr. Houston, TX 77060

Office: 832-230-1096 | Fax: 832-243-1687

Steve Moore, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Austin Management Group (DBA Villa Serena Communities), which manages over 5,000 multi-family units serving over 12,000 residents in the greater Houston area. Steve is also CEO of Houston Construction and Renovation.

Steve lived in Austin for over 20 years, while raising three children as a single father most of his life. He worked as a professor, engineer and consultant in the electronics industry. He successfully invested his money in preparation for the purchase, renovation and management of multiple apartment complexes throughout Texas. As CEO, Steve founded Austin Management Group, Inc., where he successfully renovated and managed approximately 5,000 apartments units, servicing 12,000 residents, and 150 employees. Steve currently resides at Biscayne Apartments, one of the communities he currently manages in the Greenspoint area. He has reduced the crime rate throughout his properties solely due to programs and incentives he has implemented for both property managers and the residents of his apartment community. 

 The Early Years” – Prior to 1980

  • Earned degrees in Physics, Business (MBA), and Materials Science
  • Taught at San Jose State University, SJSU, in California
  • Worked as an engineer and consultant in the electronics industry


The Austin Years1980 to 2006

  • Founder and President of Austin Management Group, Inc.
  • Purchased and managed over 1,000 apartment units in Austin, Texas
  • Bought and renovated GreenTree Apartments, winning awards for “Best Renovation” and “Best Affordable Housing” in Austin


Investing in Houston” – 2007 to Present

  • Purchased over 5,000 apartment units in Houston
  • Bought Premier Apartments and renovated with funds from the Tax Credit Program and from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. Premier won an award in 2013 from the Greater Sharpstown District. Premier is considered proof that Tax Credit money can be effectively spent revitalizing poor neighborhoods.
  • Chartered The Westwood Foundation, a 501 C 3 charitable organization
  • Presented with an award for Premier Apartments at the March on Crime Luncheon in March of 2013. Premier is a Blue Star recognized property.
  • Participated in The Greater Houston Partnership Trade Mission to China in September 2013.
  • Established the Villa Serena Communities brand name for the Houston area apartments under his management.

“I will not rent an apartment I would not be willing to live in myself.”


Steve is the co-founder and managing partner of Austin Management Group, which manages over 5,000 multi-family units in the greater Houston area. Steve is also CEO of Houston Construction and Renovation.

Board Member

Steve is a Board Member for the Brays Oaks Management District and the Greater Sharpstown Management District. In addition, he serves on the Board for The Public Safety Committee under the Greenspoint Management District.

Community Enrichment

Steve is a huge advocate and supporter of enrichment programs for children of low-income families throughout his apartment communities. Programs such as COMET, Coalition for Health, and Ambassadors for Christ have been introduced as part of his mission in promoting character to our youth and young adults.


Safety, crime reduction, and a healthy educational foundation for children are his main objectives in serving the community as a prominent leader.